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EST. | 2019

416 S. Ave C

Portales, NM 88130


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Are you a cigar or pipe enthusiast? Do you enjoy relaxing with a premium stogie after a long day? If so, you have a home at The Humidor.

If you enjoy cigars or pipes, the Humidor has a huge assortment of premium, quality brands for you to choose from. Are you looking for a unique gift for someone who enjoys the cigar culture? Stop by the Humidor and relax as you shop at one of our High Plains locations in Clovis and Portales. You’ll find it all: cigars, pipe tobacco, and accessories, at The Humidor.

The Humidor aims to inspire and provide a unique experience for memorable social gatherings, business meetings, or even personal reflection.

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The Humidor is a locally owned store and cigar lounge that sells the finest cigars, gifts, pipes, and tobacco related products in town!

The Humidor was born out of a passion for the cigar lifestyle. We traveled all around the region to explore and experience the cigar culture and to learn what products and experiences we could bring to you on the High Plains.

The Humidor is passionate about quality cigars. You’ll find top brands like Gurkha, Cuevas, Drew Estates, CAO, Arturo Fuentes, Cohiba, Punch, Olivia, and Macanudo, just to name a few.

Whether you are a true cigar connoisseur, or you just appreciate a fine cigar, you are always welcome at the Humidor. Stop by one of our two locations and get your stick today.

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